Woman Talks Montenegro: Let’s exchange ideas and inspire each other!                                                                                                                                 (1st gathering- the inspirative story of Olivera Jelic)

Woman Talks Montenegro: Let’s exchange ideas and inspire each other! (1st gathering- the inspirative story of Olivera Jelic)

NGO Fit Woman Montenegro has launched a new activity called Woman Talks Montenegro, which will be organized at least once a month. This activity is conceived as a socializing of women where they will be able to exchange ideas and experiences, inspire and encourage each other, and work together on their personal development. The main idea of ​​Women Talks Montenegro is that one of the women presents a kind of inspiring story based on personal experience every month. According to the NGO Fit Woman Montenegro, these activities are open to all and invite all interested to join them at the next gatherings.
The first Woman Talks of Montengro was held on April 3rd at the premises of NGO Fit Woman Montenegro, where Olivera Jelić, a member of this organization, presented a very interesting and touching story to numerous audiences. Her story has talked about how important it is to take care of the nature that surrounds us and other living beings that share our living space with us. Let’s pay attention to the words of the famous scientist and ecologist Rachel Carson, “there is nothing in nature in nature”, say from the NGO Fit Woman Montenegro. Below you can find the text of the story Olivera Jelić.

“Earth Day 2019 campaign is Protect our species. The following story will be told in the same spirit but before we start I would like to  share this link with you www.earthday.org where you can find all what you need to know and how to protect nature’s gifts as Rachel Carson (scientist and ecologist) once said: “In nature nothing exists alone”
We all have wings                     –
It was a quiet sunny spring day; one of those which invites you for the first swim in the sea, even though you know that water is still cold. My husband and I went for a walk with our kids. As we live on the coast, beside the sea, we are used to seagulls calls.  This time something was different. The gulls circled the sky and were disturbed. As we both wondered what the cause was, the kids ran toward us and shouted: “That seagull will die, do something!” And right there, not far from us and the shore, a seagull floated struggling for his life. He was trying to lift his head above the water and catch his breath but something doesn’t alowed him. He was losing his strength and the period between breaths  were less and less. We just looked each other and we had a deal; my husband said: “You stay with the kids, I’ll jump in the water.”  In a couple of strokes through a calm but cool water, he came to the gull and brought him to the shore. In the meantime, the fisherman who was fishing next to us, because of whose thread and hooks seagull was caught in the problem, he approached and said: “Why all this, that’s just a bird!” There were few people passing by and they  joined our small rescue mission. Seagull, visibly exhausted, didn’t  resist us at all while we were trying to release him from the hooks that had been  all over him – wings, beak and legs. We left him on the shore, walked away and waited for him to fly away. Waddling, weak swinging of the wings, trying out whether he can, whether  he has strength, and then he raised up to the bly sky. We all applauded and greeted his flight and our son told the man who stood beside him: “My dad is a hero, he saved the seagull life!”
Moral: Be wise when faced with a problem, always think of the consequences of your actions on the nature or people surrounding you especially when your actions directly affect them and simply teach your child good values. Make a world that will make the next generations proud and happy to have lived here. Love our planet, cause it’s our only home.