NGO Fit Woman Montenegro: Strengthen the role of women in society

NGO Fit Woman Montenegro: Strengthen the role of women in society

In a meeting on March 8, the NGO Fit Woman Montenegro organized the second online workshop Woman talks Montenegro, on the topic “Activism, empowerment and the role of women in society.” The following spoke: Kader Sevinc, an award-winning EU politician, poet and social entrepreneur who lives and works in Brussels.

During the one-hour interactive lecture, she shared with other participants her inspiring life story, professional successes and what encouraged her to advocate for the empowerment of women.

According to her, women must be active workers in political processes and be the ones whose voice politicians will hear and respect. She stressed the importance of formally organizing women, in order to make it easier for them to exercise their political and other rights. Also, women must constantly work on their own training, specialize in certain areas that will help them be more visible in society.

The Democracy 4.0 platform, launched by Kader Sevinc with the aim of facilitating communication between interested citizens and politicians, was discussed. The platform is based on two-way communication via social networks, which enables citizens to directly address decision-makers. He supported the European Parliament as a project that promotes active citizenship. Sevinc emphasized that we must all adapt to the interactive communication that characterizes the 21st century, both citizens and politicians.

For Kader Sevinc, Montenegro is a beautiful country in the process of joining the EU and which has visibly made progress on that path. She urges women to start in time to find out more about the accession process itself and all the benefits that EU membership brings. She especially thanked the NGO Fit Woman Montenegro for the invitation to participate in this event and for the opportunity to meet people from, as she said, a small beautiful country like Montenegro during this Covid-19 period.

The president of the NGO Fit Woman Montenegro, Esma Cerinan Otović, emphasized that due to the current situation caused by the Covid-19 virus epidemic, they are not able to organize live gatherings as before, but they managed to continue working thanks to IT applications such as Zoom. In this way, they managed to connect women from Montenegro with women from other parts of the world, to learn from each other and progress together. “Today, we can rightly say that the world is one global village in which we are all connected. We wish you a happy March 8 in advance, “said Cerinan Otović.