Primavera under the umbrella, but the best so far

Primavera under the umbrella, but the best so far

The Primavera celebration of the spring, organized by NVU Ruke, gathered around 30 exhibitors and over 40 participants on the donor’s table on the terrace of the City Cafe in Herceg Novi.

This year’s edition of the feast was organized in cooperation with NGO Fit Woman Montenegro, whose members kept a fitness and zumba sessions. The festival also had an ecological segment. There were various handicrafts, from jewelry, bags and decouples to handmade cosmetics, with a slightly smaller selection of gastronomic products.

According to the President of NVU Ruke, Maja Erenji, the backlash is good, and the organizers and hosts from the City Tavern show good will, flexibility and precariousness.

– Informal group of citizens of “CleanSty” has prepared a presentation of the topic of pollution, recycling, with special emphasis on the ban on the use of plastic for single use. They also presented examples of alternative packaging methods – she explains.

At the donor’s table, in cooperation with the Foundation Iva Bijelić, funds were collected for the treatment of the small Milica Milica from Bijela.

The zumba and fitness sessions was led by the instructors Biljana Cicak and Srđan Branković from NGO Fit Woman Montenegro.

– In this way, we want to encourage women to enjoy healthy life because physical activity contributes not only to the strengthening of the locomotor system, but also to the positive attitude of the mind and state of mind. Our organization, NGO Fit Woman Montenegro, invites all interested to join us. Esma Cerinan Otovic, the president of this NGO Fit Woman Montenegro,  has been given training by our educated trainers-volunteers and free of charge.

On behalf of the informal group of Citizens of Cleaners, Haley Delf points out that this organization is made up of 8 women in the tourism industry who want to cleanse Montenegro.

– Our guests are mainly foreigners and they are delighted with Montenegro, but they notice that plastic, cans, bags, roads, roads are everywhere … We organized a petition to ban the use of plastic for single use – says Delf.

Activists from the “Do not Throw Boats” movement, Milica Boca and Andrea Kisa, joined the Primavera, who assisted in the eco workshop for the youngest in which the techniques of making jewelry from recycled plastic and healing with recycled materials were demonstrated. The workshop was led by Olga Fedotova and Nada Gavrilovic.

The design and identity of exhibitors is becoming more modern, and the organization is better

If judged by the impressions of those who first expose, but also those who were previously part of the National Festival of NVU Ruke, this Primavera release is the best so far, which even the bad weather could not have been spoiled.

Sladjana Ivancevic and Tanja Ignjatovic Sekulovic presented handwritten jewelry from Novalja. At the Feast they came according to the recommendations of the previous participants and they did not make mistakes, because everything is, they say, top-level organization.

– It’s a very nice event. We are very satisfied. People are nice, Maya is phenomenal. We like the concept of the whole manifestation, if we can, we will come again, surely – Sladjan says.

It manually produces unique pieces of jewelry “Hand Craft by Slađa” made of fimo mass. Tanya introduced himself with an unusual concept – jewelry made of embroidery, or combination with leather, rubber and other materials.

The solo exhibitor, Tanja Vučinić from Herceg Novi, for the first time takes part in the Primavera Festival, and presented her hand-made bags, decoction of paper paper and healthy and herbaceous herbs.

– The materials I use for bags are jeans, juts, raffia. The sale is decent, something has gone, but it has time to end the feast. Otherwise, I am satisfied with the organization, and the visit is also good. I like the fact that this is something new and different for our city – she said.

Perla Cosmetics, an entrepreneur from Podgorica, presented handmade soap herbs from herbal base, with essential oil additives, different skin types and skin care oils after showering with aromas of lime and lemon, explains Sneza Vidakovic.

Ana Ćirović from Podgorica, who presented her with beeswax and honey based products, distributed with Perlo stand.

– We are beekeepers, but we created the cosmetic line “Anamarija”, based on bee products. Creams are mainly for facial and body care – explains Ana.

Both guests praised the organization and pointed out that the festivities in Herceg Novi are best organized, people, ambience, socializing are flawless, which is why they are happy to come.

From Bar on Primavera, the family of Đuranović presented themselves with hand-made kitchen utensils. Željko Đuranović said that he had already exhibited at Fešta and was always pleased with the organization.

– We use mostly olive trees, some bagrems or beech. We make kutlače, vajrače, cutlery … everything is done manually – says Željko.

Although the rain forced the exhibitors to pull from the terrace to the inner part of the City Tavern, the general impression of the feast in the glory of spring, however, did not ruin it.